Existing Systems & 3rd Party Support

eLink Design provides web application support and maintenance for existing application systems developed by other vendors. eLink Design is interested in being your partner and trusted source to maintain and improve your existing applications. We have experienced support teams that document and understand solutions to provide continuous and seamless support.

Application support and maintenance services provided by eLink Design include:

  • Content updates
  • Programming
  • Application maintenance
  • Customized open source platforms
  • Bug fixes
  • Code reviews
  • Application hosting support and migration

eLink Design is able to provide ongoing support and further development for a range of technologies for existing applications. It is not unusual that technology companies decide to no longer to support applications which they have developed, for a number of reasons. We are often able to provide an initial review of an existing application and provide support for same. We understand how important it is for applications to remain secure. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to upgrade or migrate an application to a new platform if security updates are no longer available.

eLink Design is able to host applications as part of an overall support and development package of services and we offer a range of dedicated hosting options.

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eLink Design has a wide range of methods to deal with problems on existing applications:

  • Things not working regularly or taking forever to get resolved.
  • Nobody knows anything about how the business software works.
  • Need to make changes to the application, but no resource available.
  • Server that system is on is on its’ last legs.
  • System is reaching some kind of limit.
  • Having problems with more people using the existing system.
  • Don’t have a backup that is trusted.
  • Need to apply updates, but can’t.

eLink Design’s third party application support solution is an all-inclusive I.T. service solution just for your mission critical applications. Our support teams have diverse skillsets and extensive experience with multiple application platforms, and can provide a 24/7/365 service level agreement.

eLink Design’s third party application support options include:

  • Scheduled maintenance activities
  • On-call resources, available when you need them
  • Friendly and professional end-user support
  • Integration with other thirty party or custom software products
  • Expert advice for your application upgrade

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When it comes to third party support, eLink will start with a proper analysis of the existing application, before we begin to plan and estimate any new development work. Sometimes, it is not practical to consider replacing a legacy system, but some degree of third party support or short-term maintenance work is required in order to keep everything functional. Our support teams can provide support and experience and undertake any development work that is needed. We recognize that a pragmatic short-term approach is often the best course of action. However, if the existing system is obsolete or no longer appropriate for the requirements of the business, we will usually recommend moving to a more robust solution rather than continuing to depend on a solution that is effectively on “life support”.

For application upgrades on existing systems or third party support, there’s no better solution than eLink Design.

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