eLink Design is committed to our clients' success. Our comprehensive web service offerings and innovative technology solutions come with first class customer support. We are here to assist and grow with you.


Technical Support

Passionate support to meet the technology needs of any organization.

Global Services

World-class services to plan, size, design and implement your web presence.


Bundled training and support empower you to maximize your capabilities.


Support Hours

Support Line: 859-422-9165 ext. 2
Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. EST - 5:00 P.M. EST
Saturday & Sunday Closed

To submit a ticket please email support@elinkdesign.com.

First...are you having a problem?
We're here to help. For urgent changes or fixes which need to be made to your website, please call Customer Support at (859) 422-9165 – extension 2. If you are experiencing problems with web hosting and your site is down or malfunctioning, please call Intelliwire at (866) 874-7668, where a live person will answer 24x7x365.

Updating Your Website

Even if you're operating off the same website we built you in 2001, we're glad to update it, add new functionality and change it as you see fit. Oftentimes, you can do the changes yourself in the CMS, and we'll let you know how to do it whenever that's the case. You can send in your update request by emailing support@elinkdesign.com and feel free to be very detailed. You can attach screenshots, files or directions we need to reference. If we have any questions, we'll reach out to you before doing the work. When you send an e-mail to the support address, it goes into a ticket system which can be seen by every developer. Whichever developer is available, first, is generally the one who will do the work. This is always going to be faster than e-mailing an individual at the company, because you're really dispatching the whole company at the same time. You can also just give us a call at (859) 422-9165 and talk to a designer about what you need.

If you need updates performed after hours or on the weekend, and they aren't urgent, another advantage of emailing support@elinkdesign.com is that some developers work remotely and check the ticket system outside of our normal 8:00 - 5:00 hours. Tickets are always addressed first come, first serve, so we greatly appreciate as much notice as possible. Many tickets are addressed same day, but some tickets may require as many as 3 days to address.

If you think you want to update something but you're not sure if it's a good idea or if the cost would be worthwhile, reach out to your account manager first. If the request is larger in size (i.e. "We want to add an online store" or "We need ten new sections built out"), account managers can provide you a written estimate prior to commencing any work. We call that a Project Approval Form. Don't remember who your account manager is? No problem. Just send an e-mail to sales@elinkdesign.com and we'll get right on it!


We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of the free training we provide every day. As long as you have an actively licensed CMS, there is no cost to call us and ask how to better take advantage of your CMS. It is in our DNA to enable clients to do as much as they possibly can on their own, and pay us only for the services where we truly add value.

There are several options for training. If you are logged into your CMS and have a quick question about something, just call the support line at (859) 422-9165 – extension 2 or e-mail support@elinkdesign.com with your question. If you feel we need to see what's on your screen, we can do that. Just contact support and ask for a GoToAssist training session so we can all look at the same thing while we talk. If you're in Central Kentucky, you can set up an appointment to come to our offices. Plus, we can come to your office. We generally prefer to "train the trainer,” whereby in large organizations we have a primary contact who's most versed in the CMS. As some clients will have 50 employees logged into the CMS every single day performing different tasks, it's important we fully instruct someone at the client's office who can in turn train other employees on the use of the system. We can do 1-on-1 training sessions or instruct large audiences at once.

Contact Us

We are available for a free consultation.

Sophisticated, complex project requirements are very much an area where we thrive, so please reach out to us for a no-cost proposal for your next web design project. You may be pleasantly surprised at the level of detail and effort we put into our proposals. Our account managers are available for meetings at your offices or our office if located in Lexington, as well as phone or video conferences for companies in other markets. Before you call, we invite you to take a look through our web design portfolio.

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