Helping Mobile Tool Dealers Prevent Bad Debt

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In 2019, eLink Design was approached to develop a platform to help Mobile Tool Dealers prevent bad debt through the comparison of users list of delinquencies or "Skips". Using Data Matching Software, Skips from different dealers are compared to one another so that users of the platform are notified when one of their skips have been found by another Mobile Tool Dealer.
Tool Dealer Network
Users of the platform can sign up for free and upload their CSV file of their Skip data. As the number of users on the platform grows, this data becomes more complete, creating greater utility to every user as they have an increased likelihood that their skips will run into another user. In order to get access to greater functionality, the platform has a low monthly cost and a discounted yearly cost. 
In order to create an easy to use Software-as-a-Service platform that was tailored to the customers who would be using it, the interface had to be very intuitive. eLink focused on making the sign up process very simple while giving enough information to explain how the platform worked and the value that signing up would provide for a user. So often, we find that other platforms put a lot of extraneous information on their sign up pages when they are starting out rather than focusing on getting a user to create an account. Adding additional hurdles can significantly impact the user acquisition and onboarding process.
The final piece to making Tool Dealer Network a successful SaaS business was the founder's approach to getting users. Instead of building out an entire platform and hoping that people would find it, they reached out to their network and got initial feedback on the idea. With positive feedback, they asked for a commitment of an email address to reach out to them in the future to test out a beta version of the platform. After getting feedback from the initial beta users, the founders had eLink make adjustments that were requested in the sign up flow and dashboard to make the the platform more intuitive. On the actual launch of the platform, as the word had already gotten out about how easy to use and beneficial the platform was, Tool Dealer Network already had people who were waiting to sign up.
Technologies Used
  • CSV Imports
  • File Formatting
  • Member Referrals
  • Database Matching
  • Twilio Integration for SMS
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Ad Management Integration

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