Financial Systems Development

Gathering and analyzing financial data are central to the success of a business. However, information that is outdated, inaccurate or hard to understand can lead to costly mistakes. Financial systems development is the process of defining, designing, testing and implementing a new software application or program. It can include the internal development of customized systems, the creation of database systems or the acquisition of third party developed software. The overarching goal of eLink Design is to build sustainable, functioning financial systems to meet the demands of our clients. The primary function of a financial management system is to help management keep close control of a company’s income and expenses. This is achieved through simplifying the billing process, minimizing accounting errors and providing accurate, timely reporting. With an organized financial system in place, the time of the accounting staff is optimized. In addition, accurate financial information makes it easier for the CFO to plan budgets and make important fiscal decisions.

eLink Design creates user-friendly, high performance, well integrated financial system solutions, both standalone or as part of a multi-faceted system, that help companies solve everyday business tasks. eLink’s financial systems assist with the reporting and management of finances with the company. Fully comprehensive reporting is available for every aspect of the financial side of business. eLink Design has experience in planning, constructing, integrating and maintaining financial systems applications in both large and small business environments. Our team of tech veterans can guide your company through the twists and turns of financial systems development, simplifying an often complex process. With unique industry knowledge of developing financial systems, each system is built with security, scalability and long term durability.

"eLink Design creates user-friendly, high performance, well integrated financial system solutions."

What makes eLink Design different from other web development companies:
  • All financial systems run online, allowing access to information from anywhere.
  • Our financial systems run securely on your intranet.
  • You choose the financial systems modules that you want to use.
  • Our financial systems are completely customizable.
Our combination of strong technical capabilities, creative design, and financial industry expertise set eLink apart from our competitors. We make suggestions, provide feedback and can work as an active partner in every part of the design, development and content process. By utilizing responsive design, eLink’s development team is able to provide a site that loads faster and is rich in functionality and usability across all devices. What’s even better is that the responsive design can detect and display just the right amount of information for each specific user device.
For effective systems development, all of the following steps must be done:
  •  Preliminary analysis | describe costs and benefits
  • Systems analysis, requirements defined | define project goals
  • Systems design | describe features and operations
  • Development | the real code is written here
  • Integration and testing | bring all the pieces together
  • Acceptance, installation and deployment | final stage of initial development
  • Maintenance | system is properly assessed
  • Evaluation | entire system developed is properly evaluated
A web-based financial application gives an opportunity to access the business information from anywhere and anytime. It also facilitates saving time and money and improves interactivity within a business.
eLink Design’s expert development team works on the cutting edge of technology and best practices:
  • We design financial systems built for effective performance.
  • Our methodology is proven for each industry that we serve.
  • We provide a dedicated team of specialized experts to every project.

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