Dedicated Teams

eLink Design, a renowned name in web application development, has been building quality web applications for businesses since 2001. Our expertise demands we use the best programming practices, frameworks and coding guidelines to build robust web applications. From strategy and planning to programming and testing, our skilled development teams scrutinize every step of the development process to create web applications that are optimized for the best performance.

Being an application development company, eLink Design does our best to deliver custom solutions that will keep you ahead of your competition. We strive to serve our clients with solutions that work now and for years to come. To accomplish this, we empower our team members with autonomy, mastery and purpose. We have architected tremendous work in web application development, covering a wide range of the latest technologies and tools. A custom web application is a perfect interface for reaching many customers, clients or staff over various platforms.

Your eLink Design dedicated team to application development consists of the following positions:

  • Product Manager – who is responsible for everything.
  • User Interface/User Experience Designers – responsible for creating a clear and intuitive screen flow, as well as the overall look and feel of the application.
  • Engineering – developers (coders) that actually do the implementation and programming of the application.
  • Quality Assurance – designated people who test for bugs. The QA people assure that engineering has done its’ job correctly.
  • Release Management – responsible for keeping the code repository in order.

Rather than simply focusing on quality towards the end, our process facilitates higher levels of quality throughout the entire customer engagement. With expert knowledge, our engineers impress our customers with thought provoking solutions that drive higher levels of overall excellence. We involve our clients during every step of the process.

eLink Design believes that efficiency is the key to success and profitability, and our application development team possesses the discipline, resources and passion needed to assist any organization in maintaining the highest level of productivity. At eLink Design, the end of the application development project does not equal the end of cooperation. Every application goes hand in hand with our unequalled support as all your requirements will be supported over time. eLink Design has a wide range of intellectual property that enables us to quickly deploy code for all of our application development projects.

Put a dedicated eLink application development team to work for your company.

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