Content Management System

eLink Design's Content Management System (CMS) allows any individual or business to manage the routine changes of text and graphics on their website, application, intranet or extranet without the knowledge of HTML or web programming. It is integrated into catalog and order processing management for e-commerce sites, project management in intranets, and countless other uses. The CMS is designed to be user friendly with powerful tools to design, build and manage web content.

The CMS framework allows us to integrate custom modules into the system to make it perform the functions you require with ease. The module-based approach allows us to provide customized solutions for our clients’ needs, with quick implementation and effective support. We began development of our Content Management System Site Administratoron day one. After 13 years of research & development, Site Administrator is taking on a life of its own and will be offered on a licensing basis imminently for use by other web design firms (see for coming announcements).



Nearly every project we undertake utilizes Site Administrator in one fashion or another. The reason for this is to give our clients complete control over their websites, thereby not needing us to make changes for them. It saves time and ultimately saves serious money for our clients. We don't see "cannibalizing" future maintenance revenue as a bad idea by any means. Indeed, we would much prefer our clients be with us 10 years from now than for them to realize they got into a costly arrangement they couldn't easily exit. Our clients, by and large, own their projects and have unparalleled mobility should they choose to hire a different firm or manage their web presence in house. Perhaps that freedom and the peace of mind which goes along with it is part of the reason we have an industry leading client retention rate of 97%.


Site Administrator Features

  • Create and edit web page content, including text, graphics, hyperlinks, tables and forms.
  • Advanced What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor with visual editing capabilities.
  • Instantly create new pages, update navigation menus and manage page security.
  • Upload and place images, documents & files including PDF, Word and Excel
  • On-board Website Traffic Analytics
  • Ease of use allows users to not be required to know HTML or other technical languages.
  • Web based application allows you to manage your website from anywhere.
  • User collaboration allows multiple people to work together to create, edit and publish content.
  • Advanced search engine indexing conscious design for Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Check out our easy-to-use CMS!

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